Investment Process​
Capital Advisors combines a "top-down" review of the economy with a "bottom-up" approach to security research.  The goal is to build a diversified portfolio of investments that is appropriate for the client and is positioned to take advantage of market opportunities. 
Equity Philosophy
Capital Advisors' equity philosophy is governed by the belief that, over time, stock prices are driven by earnings.  By investing in companies with strong growth prospects and by paying a reasonable multiple of future earnings, our equity management seeks to outperform the market without excessive risk.  This philosophy is often referred to as Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP)
Fixed Income Philosophy
Capital Advisors adopts an active approach to fixed income management.  By actively managing the duration of bonds in client portfolios, we seek to enhance returns when our outlook for inflation is benign and “real” rates of interest are attractive.  Duration is shortened to protect principal when interest rates are rising.  A variety of techniques are employed to add value to fixed income returns including security and indenture analysis, sector rotation and a credit barbell.
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